Library of Japanese Foundation Kuala Lumpur – JFKL

September 19, 2009

Today, I went to JFKL, in Mid Valley North Point, arrive there quite late almost 5 pm, and it was raining outside and my bottom half was wet. There is around 5~6 user sitting around.

The collection of book was quite ok. Especially useful for Japanese Language learner, as there are racks of language book. It live up to what they post on website,

The library has a wide range of collection ranging from books, magazines, cassettes, CD's, and videotapes. The materials cover various areas especially information pertaining to the Japanese language, culture and country. Reading materials are in English, Japanese and Malay while cassettes and videotapes are in Japanese.

Plus, a lot of seat of long hour study

First things first, I went around the rack and stop myself in front of the Manga section. I guess there is around 30++ title available in Japanese, include whole set of DragonBall, Dr. BlackJack, Naruto. There is also around 10 title of translated Manga.
One of them had caught my attention, title :Hotel- ホテル,   why is that? Because of Kanae is also a Hotel woman~ and it contain some Ecchi too~ (of course, it is Japanese Manga!)
it was published in the 1985, when Japan on the beginning of the bubble and just before the Plaza Accord agreement. It had describe the era really well, it give me a feeling of the new rise phenomena of 5 star hotel in Japan.  I enjoy book 1, and really touch by the final chapter of it. I have to say that, A good manga never fade with time. Recommended.



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