Top Gear on BBC HD from November 15th

September 23, 2009

Yeah! Top GEAR will be back soon.
I wonder what the torrent size will be in the winter.

Anyway, I am excited!

via BBC Internet blog by Danielle Nagler on 9/22/09

Hello All,

I wanted to share with you at the earliest opportunity the news that from November 15th you will be able to see Top Gear in its true colours.

Yes, after several hundred emails from you as to why you feel Top Gear needs to make the journey from the SD to the HD world, I can confirm that the team is now working with HD cameras on the new series.

You’ve been very clear that this is a BBC programme that for you represents the best of what we do, and that you believe it is one of those series that can benefit most from HD. I agree with you, and I’m confident that the shift will ensure that the cars are glossier and faster than ever, and the presenters… well, probably will look even more like their reflections in the mirror but we’ll all have to wait to judge.

I have said for some time now that what the BBC is aiming to do in HD is to extend the range of programming that is available, to showcase programmes that are loved in SD, and to explore the creative potential of the new technology. Top Gear helps us to do all of this, but it’s not the end of the BBC HD story, just one further link in the transition chain that will over time see the vast majority of programmes made by the BBC shifting into HD.

Meantime, steady yourselves and tell your friends.

Danielle Nagler is Head of BBC HD, BBC Vision

Posted via email from Nivk’s blog


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