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October 28, 2009

Slide show about creative financial in house loan.

Hope you will like it, and if you found any mistake or you will like to discuss about it, please feel free to leave a comment.


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How much it cost MBPS in Malaysia?
Telekom Malaysia Steamyx 1Mb Package = RM 88 = USD 26

Third world Speed, Third world service, and what you paid is even higher than the First world price.

If you wonder the Malaysia rank in Internet speed, it is No. 89. Average Speed: 1.93Mbs


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Behold, the power of a scary-sounding letter from a lawyer! Paul dropped his Kindle 2 and it broke. Amazon wanted $200 to replace it. Instead, they replaced it and gave him an additional $200. Damn, son!

Seriously, how badass is this letter he sent to Amazon?

Paul Gowder
[Address omitted]

August 12, 2009 Inc.
Legal Department
1200 12th Avenue South
Suite 1200
Seattle, WA 98144-2734

Dear Sir or Madam:

On June 21, 2009, I purchased an Kindle 2 e-book reader from the website. I purchased this device based, in substantial part, on the expectation that it would be reasonably durable. In particular, I expected that it would be approximately as durable as is ordinary in the consumer electronics market. advertises the Kindle 2 on the basis of its durability. Notably, displays a “drop test” video on the web page for this product. That video displays the device being dropped twice from thirty inches onto what appears to be tile. That video displays a fall with sufficient force that the device visibly bounces, and deliberately creates the impression that the device will function after impacts similar to that sequence of drops.

Despite those representations, the Kindle 2 is far less durable. On July 26, 2009, I dropped a messenger bag containing the device onto the sidewalk, from approximately two feet above the ground. It was dropped only once, and the messenger bag absorbed enough of the shock that nothing else in the bag, including a Macbook laptop, suffered any damage whatsoever. (Unlike the drop displayed in’s video, for example, nothing actually bounced.) Moreover, there was no visible damage on the exterior of the Kindle 2. Nonetheless, the Kindle 2 became completely unusable, with over 50% of its screen no longer able to display any text.

I called support and was told that, because of the accidental drop, you would not be willing to supply a replacement device under warranty. You did, however, offer to sell a new device at a discount, for $200.00. I took advantage of that offer under protest, and explicitly reserved my rights to bring a claim against you based on the unreasonable fragility of the device and the misrepresentations in your advertising. It is that claim that forms the subject of this letter.

I am prepared to offer an immediate settlement of my claims against for a payment of $400.00. That sum represents the $200.00 replacement fee I paid plus $200.00 to compensate me for the diminution of utility and value of the device as well as of the e-books I have purchased for that device, in light of the fact that the replacement device, too, can be expected to be far more fragile than advertised and prone to destruction under the slightest stress. This offer expires thirty days from your receipt of this letter. If you do not accept this offer, I intend to bring suit either individually, or, if I decide it is warranted, as representative for a class of similarly situated plaintiffs. At that time, I will seek the amount noted above, plus punitive damages under the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act, Cal. Civil Code §1750 et. seq., costs, fees, and such other monetary damages as provided for by law, including without limitation Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §17200 et. seq., the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and other relevant law.

Also, you have demanded the return of the broken device as a condition to the unreasonable discounted replacement offer which I accepted under protest. Your agent has informed me that you will charge my credit card for the full price if the broken device is not returned to you. I am considering seeking a protective order placing that device in the custody of the Court pending litigation. However, should I instead return the device, you are hereby notified that it is evidence in the anticipated litigation to which this letter refers. Should you modify, destroy, or resell the broken device, I will ask the Court to treat that as deliberate spoliation of evidence and make adverse inferences as appropriate.

Very truly yours,

Paul Gowder

And here’s Amazon’s response:

Pretty awesome. Just goes to show that if you put your somewhat-unreasonable request in an official-looking form and also threaten to sue, big companies will be happy to toss a token amount of money your way to make you go away. [Consumerist]

Send an email to Adam Frucci, the author of this post, at

It is always good to be a consumer who know your right.

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I get the impression that the Windows 7 launch is a lot like seeing an old girlfriend suddenly show up on your doorstep wanting to get back together. She’s had some work done, apparently: stomach stapling to take off some of the weight, breast augmentation, and a radical nosejob to make her look as much like your current girlfriend as medical science will allow.

She’s pretty, of course, almost too pretty. She still wears far too much makeup and carries that desperate look in her eyes. The fragrant haze around her is the perfume she overuses to mask the scent of failure.

But standing there in that low-cut top, you’d almost forget for a moment what a psycho she was- how she used to shut down in the middle of a date and forget everything you were talking about and how she was only happy when you were buying her things. You’d almost forget about carrying around her legacy baggage or those nights when, for seemingly no reason at all, she would simply stop speaking to you and when you asked what was wrong she’d just spit a string of hex code at you and expect you to figure it out.

You complained about her for years before finally deciding to get rid of her, and here she is again. Though, somehow she seems like a completely different person now.

“I’m up here,” she says when she catches you staring at her chest.

Tempted though you may be, you know that over time she’ll get bored and slow down on you just like she always does. And then you’ll be right back where you started: trapped. She keeps you by convincing you that you don’t have a choice. You’re just not smart enough for one option or rich enough to afford the other.

“But I’m different now,” she says, batting her eyes innocently. “I’ve changed.”

Indeed she has. Apparently, she’s really into Cabala now or something like that. It’s helped her discover loads of untapped potential in herself. But it also means that you’ll have to buy all new furniture to fit with her understanding of feng shui. That’s not the only change she has in store for you. The minute you let her move in, she’ll have a new alarm system put in that succeeds only in preventing your friends from coming over on poker night.

She doesn’t love you, but she doesn’t hate you, either. The truth is that she couldn’t care less one way or the other. She’s here because she doesn’t want to be alone. Like all human beings, especially those well past their prime, she wants to feel wanted and, after a string of lost jobs and bad investments, she needs a place to stay.

But all in all, she’s OK. She’s a seven. She’ll do, I guess.

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Your First online store

October 22, 2009

Download now or preview on posterous

Your online store.pdf (60 KB)

One of my friend asked me about the online store I had started since September, 2009. She is thinking to start one herself.

So, when she ask for advise on How to start your own online store, I make this for everyone else.

Your comment and feedback are utmost welcome!

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Bird killed by us…

October 19, 2009

The trash – specially plastic , end up in the stomach of the sea bird and kill them.

Here is the work from Gyre.

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Dyson、Fan without wings!

October 13, 2009



DysonのAir Multiplier扇風機は従来の扇風機のような羽根はなく、流体力学を利用した独自の技術で空気の流れを増幅する。
2009年10月13日 16時47分 更新





 同社の「Dyson Air Multiplier」は従来の扇風機とは違って羽根がなく、土台に輪を乗せたような形になっている。


ah_dyson3.jpg 従来の扇風機
ah_dyson4.jpg Dyson Air Multiplier


ah_dyson6.jpg 輪の断面図


 Dyson Air Multiplierは10インチと12インチのモデルがあり、価格はそれぞれ299.99ドルと329.99ドル。カラーは10インチモデルがブルー&アイアンとシルバー&ホワイトの2種、12インチモデルがシルバー&アイアンの1種。米小売店やDyson.comで販売の予定。



Dyson | 扇風機


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New technology in Fan!

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Getting Real

Here are the 16 chapters and 91 essays that make up the book.

Introduction chapter 1

The Starting Line chapter 2

Stay Lean chapter 3

Priorities chapter 4

Feature Selection chapter 5

Process chapter 6

The Organization chapter 7

Staffing chapter 8

Interface Design chapter 9

Code chapter 10

Words chapter 11

Pricing and Signup chapter 12

Promotion chapter 13

Support chapter 14

  • Feel The Pain

    Tear down the walls between support and development

  • Zero Training

    Use inline help and FAQs so your product doesn’t require a manual or training

  • Answer Quick

    Quick turnaround time on support queries should be a top priority

  • Tough Love

    Be willing to say no to your customers

  • In Fine Forum

    Use forums or chat to let customers help each other

  • Publicize Your Screwups

    Get bad news out there and out of the way

Post-Launch chapter 15

Conclusion chapter 16


  • Note: Some translations are incomplete. Contact us via email if you’d like to help translate Getting Real into your language
  • This is interesting. Specially for those who make a web apps.

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    Anyone can help me understand, how it work?

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