Free Book by 37Signal – Getting Real

October 13, 2009

Getting Real

Here are the 16 chapters and 91 essays that make up the book.

Introduction chapter 1

The Starting Line chapter 2

Stay Lean chapter 3

Priorities chapter 4

Feature Selection chapter 5

Process chapter 6

The Organization chapter 7

Staffing chapter 8

Interface Design chapter 9

Code chapter 10

Words chapter 11

Pricing and Signup chapter 12

Promotion chapter 13

Support chapter 14

  • Feel The Pain

    Tear down the walls between support and development

  • Zero Training

    Use inline help and FAQs so your product doesn’t require a manual or training

  • Answer Quick

    Quick turnaround time on support queries should be a top priority

  • Tough Love

    Be willing to say no to your customers

  • In Fine Forum

    Use forums or chat to let customers help each other

  • Publicize Your Screwups

    Get bad news out there and out of the way

Post-Launch chapter 15

Conclusion chapter 16


  • Note: Some translations are incomplete. Contact us via email if you’d like to help translate Getting Real into your language
  • This is interesting. Specially for those who make a web apps.

    Posted via web from Nivk’s blog


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