Health care in Pantai Cheras

November 23, 2009

My aunt had denggi fever and got admitted into Cheras Pantai hospital.
It is a private hospital however the service wasn’t any where close to
prefect. Especially the nurse quality , I understand every experience
nurse start from inexperience, however Pantai cheras nurse sound like
they are all still in training for me and my aunt.

What happen was, the nurses unable to drain the blood from my aunt
vein without a few attamp , each failure is really painful for my aunt
as you can imagirin the thick needle went into your flesh and the
suction from the needle pull on your internal muscle leaving a bruise
on it. Then repeat the same failure again and again.

Only if the nurse can understand the pain and the mental fear on this
process , I think their current learning curve isn’t anywhere shape
enough. Why can’t their learn on their mistake? Or do they acknowledge
it is a mistake and cause pain to patient who already in pain?

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