StarCraft features in University of Florida’s ’21st Century Skills’ course

August 26, 2010

via Joystiq by Richard Mitchell on 8/24/10

It seems games are seeping even further into our education system. We’ve already reported the inclusion of Portal in the coursework at Wabash College, and now we learn that the University of Florida is offering a class in StarCraft — 21st Century Skills in Starcraft (EME2040). The course, taught by doctoral student Nathaniel Poling, uses Blizzard’s classic RTS to impart students with skills in the areas of “critical thinking, problem solving, resource management, and adaptive decision making.”

Poling told Technology Review that StarCraft requires players to manage “a lot of different units and groups of different capacities,” a skill that translates in real world business. The course — the university’s first fully online class — requires students to play the game, watch recorded matches, and write papers “which emphasize analysis and synthesis of real/game-world concepts.” Oh, the class also has no final exam and does count toward a student’s GPA. In other words: enroll in this class now.

[Thanks, Kai]


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