April 28, 2011

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: ニック(Nick Wong)
Date: Thursday, April 28, 2011
To: heavenivk@gmail.com

Hello people

As you may know, the government of Japan via the monbukagakusho
scholarship is giving us a monetary support to study in this country.
Also you remember that this has been a not so common couple of months.

Many people left to their countries, others travelled across japan or
nearby places, but thankfully everybody is safe and sound.

Today is the day of the month when we receive the money and I know
that it has been long since we got it last month. But it’s not time to
think on ourselves but in this country who needed us

Japan needs to recover it’s economy and for that I propose (if not
demand) that we start reincentivating the economy as soon as possible,
and do it the best way we know. Let’s buy a lot of alcohol and drink
it so we have to buy even more alcohol!!!

Japan needs you. So go to the matsumi Ike (the lake near ryugakusei
center) around 8, bring what you wanna drink, eat or whatever you
wanna bring and help this country to get over the crisis. And invite
all the people you can so our impulse would be felled by all Japanese
economy. Let’s demonstrate that if we survived the earthquake and
aftershoks and nuclear crisis, a lot of alcohol cannot harm us at all.

Pd. that the Tisa party for new comers is in same place and time is
merely a coincidence
For the ones that didn’t read past message because it was too long.
Big party (huge) at matsumi lake today at 8. Bring drinks, snacks and
more people


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