Sending off Jacque

September 29, 2011

Today is a beautiful morning in Tsukuba. 

I woke up earlier than ever before, 6:30am. There is a reason I woke up these early, but I wasn't looking forward what I have to do next. 
It's the time, I need to say goodbye to one of my friend from Brazil. She been here almost as long as I am, my Tsukuba life had always a place for her.
Now, she might on a 30 hours journey back home. 

I might never see her again, the distance is just to great for us. Or it will take 10+ years before we met again. 

It is so sad that I might never see her again. 

Waving goodbye, tears holding up, lips bitting. This is IT. 

I know I will be able to facebook her easily, hearing from her anytime. But it is different.

I might not be able to see her again. The feeling of losing a friend just so strong. 

I will be missing you, Jacque


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